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  1. Packing a Pipe
  2. Cleaning a Pipe
  3. Choosing Your First Pipe.
  4. Preparing Your Tobacco For Smoking
  5. Tongue Bite!!
  6. Lighting a Pipe
  7. Strange mouth ...
  8. Is there a wrong technique?
  9. Newbie thoughts and such..
  10. The Perils of Tongue Bite
  11. Too many choices? Maybe...
  12. China pipes
  13. Ashes to ashes, what about [email protected]
  14. Nube here but smoked a pipe since uni, over 40 years ago
  15. How to break in a new pipe?
  16. Gurgle while smoking
  17. How long should a good smoke last?
  18. Sip or slowly draw
  19. Pipe Care / Cleaning. Some Tips For Your Consideration...
  20. My fleabay pipe.
  21. How do you xport your pipe?
  22. Pipe smoking by a novice for novices.
  23. noobie question
  24. How many bowls can you smoke from a single pipe in a day?
  25. Do you need a pipe strictly designated for aromatics?
  26. New pipe break in time?
  27. First smoke on a pipe... Advice welcome
  28. Spider webbing and Estate Pipes
  29. I get it...
  30. Breaking in
  31. Would this be a good pipe for English tobacco
  32. Loosing boiler pressure!
  33. Need help with retrohaling
  34. Storing bulk tobaccos
  35. Loose stem fix?
  36. To dump or, not to dump...
  37. Give this a read, or listen. It has helped me more than once.
  38. Some Mentoring Advice
  39. Tongue Bite During Light
  40. Old Codger's Thoughts on Seasoning New Briar: Myth or Wisdom?
  41. Forever a Newb. Question.
  42. Third Relight of Mississippi River
  43. A Primer On Tobacco Types
  44. Pack and Burn.
  45. Warm
  46. Humidifier help
  47. getting my act together (trying)
  48. Is side streaming the same as retrohaling?
  49. Cleaning a Pipe Bowl with Alcohol and Salt
  50. Have i been smoking wrong for years
  52. Flake Tobacco
  53. Can Overheating A Pipe Make It Forever Sour?
  54. Article About Briar Wood
  55. Cooling Down My Pipes With A Floor Fan
  56. What Causes A Pipe To Gurgle?
  57. Cake Creation Revelation