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  1. Pipe maker
  2. Fullbent General
  3. A few pipes for sale
  4. Carve Your Own Kit!
  5. Pipe Display For Pictures!
  6. A few pipes for sale
  7. DGE Cob Mods
  8. Pete's, Savs, Randy Wileys', Bjarnes, a Neerup, a Chacom and a Brigham FS
  9. Peterson Donegal Rocky 120 -- 50s/60s (?)
  10. DGE Mahogany Lovat Country Gent
  11. Pair of General NW's
  12. Assorted Pipe Bowls - 10 for $10
  13. Halfling's Leaf now available here
  14. DGE Modified Cobs
  15. 5th Avenue Nosewarmers Available
  16. Cobwarden
  17. Trio of DGE Nosewarmers on eBay
  18. Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture 50g for sale or trade
  19. Clearing out some of mine - Good Prices
  20. Pipes for sale MUST SELL
  21. DGE Dips & CG's on Etsy
  22. DGE Mods with Cherry Shanks
  23. 10% Off DGE Custom Corn Cob Pipes
  24. DGE Custom CG Lovats
  25. Buy, Sell, Trade Rules
  26. 4 New DGE's
  27. Some Unique Crooked Gents From DGE
  28. Peterson Collection For Sale
  29. Waxed 5th Avenue
  30. Spool And Country Gentleman Churchwardens
  31. Tins on ebay
  32. Pipe tobacco for sale
  33. Some Pipes and a Rack
  34. IMP Latice Meer
  35. Churchwardens! John Inge freehands, etc
  36. A gaggle of Princes (with some Apples for good measure)
  37. More from Jack Lee
  38. FS: Wiley, Boswell's and a few others
  39. Pipa Gift idea
  40. Yule Pudding now ready to ship
  41. Spanu Cork Inlay Pipe
  42. New From Cobcobbler
  43. DGE Olive Wood Gents and Cherry Clipped Dips
  44. Vauen Wave (Smooth 3406)
  45. DGE Bent Briar Nosewarmer
  46. For Sale the Long and Short of it.
  47. Stubby Little Lovat
  48. Ferndown Reo (**) Stocky Lovat
  49. Servi Meerschaum Windcap Pipe
  50. Another DGE Poker Nosewarmer
  51. Another DGE Poker Nosewarmer
  52. A new bridge from the Bear's Den!
  53. A Bulldog From The Bear's Den
  54. DGE Briar Churcharden
  55. DGE Bent Poker Nosewarmer
  56. DGE Full Size Poker
  57. 2 Boswells Up for Grabs and a Stanwell Featherweight Sandblasted Pot
  58. Dejarnett pipe,two tampers and a book for sale.
  59. Pipe Inspired Shaving Brush and Pens
  60. UK smokers CD blends
  61. New from the Bear's Den
  62. DGE Briar Poker Pipe with Tortoise Lucite Stem
  63. Giving up pipes..want to offer some good ones here
  64. olderthandirt's Cellar Blow-Out Sale
  65. two pipes on sale
  66. Selling A Few
  67. Rock Cobs Available !!!
  68. A Few Pipes For Sale...
  69. A Almost New Peterson Ashford B51...
  70. Who Wants A CAO Calabash?
  71. A Few Estate Pipes for sale
  72. Custom leather tobacco pouches
  73. Snake tampers!
  74. Dog-Talker's first refurbs to go up for sale
  75. Snake tampers May 2014
  76. PH Dark and Strong
  77. Ebay newbie seller
  78. Buy this for Bill
  79. DGE Corncob Nosewarmers
  80. Condor and St. Bruno for sale
  81. SG and PA for sale
  82. A sale to benefit the board
  83. New DGE Poker Nosewarmer
  84. A few nice pipes
  85. Bekler signed meer and Mastro Beraldi
  86. DGE Chunky Briar Nosewarmer
  87. H&H AJ's Vaper
  88. Rattrays Blowers Daughter and BC Cybelle
  89. Full Bent Boswell Volcano
  90. DGE Chunky Devil
  91. Beautiful Bari Don Regular
  92. Lee Van Cleff Meerchaum pipe
  93. Last of my pipes for sale
  94. DGE Mark Twain Nosewarmer Maple Shank
  95. Massive Herd Thinning-Pipes looking for a home.
  96. Thinning the herd
  97. Do you love your Zippo
  98. DGE Featherweight Billiard
  99. A Pair of Billiards
  100. Captain Black White
  101. DGE Prince
  103. DGE Saddle Apple
  104. DGE Pot Tobacco Pipe
  105. Peterson's ebay blowout!
  106. New Bamboo Billiard on my site
  107. Pipes for sale
  108. New Bent Billiard added to my site
  110. Castello and Dunhill
  111. New Billiard added to my site
  112. Tony's Pipes
  113. New Bent Brandy added to my site
  114. New Tomato shape added to my site
  115. New Hawkbill added to my site
  117. 1998 Sealed tin of Eoterica Tilbury
  118. Davidoff Mild - Currently Listed for 3 dollars a tin with 2 days left - no reserve.
  119. Pipes for sale Tsuge, GBDs, Peterson and Custombilt
  120. New Lovat added to my site
  121. Pipe tools for sale.
  122. New Freehand added to my site
  123. New pipe added to my site
  124. Pipe blow out sale
  125. (FS) Dunhill w/Silver Hallmarks
  126. Live Pipe Auction to Support PSU - Blatter Select Pipe - Bid Now!
  127. MY Boswell's Up For Sale
  128. DGE Falcob Bowls +
  129. For sale a pipe of Gian Marco Ago.
  130. FSOT: Yello-Bole Pug Pipe
  131. Pipe & Pens
  132. Aged baccy for sale
  133. For Sale: Lots of Factory Packed Gawith, Mac Baren HH, and C&D Bulk CHEAP!
  134. FT Round 2- Revor and Warrior Plug
  135. FS/FT: War Horse Bar & Green - 7 Sep 2017
  136. FS/FT: Various HU Tobaccos
  137. For Sale: HU Tobacco Director's Cut + H&H Fusilier's Ration
  138. Hexagon bowl Meerschaum pipe for Sale
  139. WTS: McClelland's Frogs
  140. Stanwell ECO Flame Grain nr. 97 (Non filter)
  141. Down sizing collection
  142. Dunhill Shell Billiard made in england7
  143. F/S a couple of Petersons
  144. Downsizing Continues pt2
  145. Downsizing Pt 3
  146. Charatan's Executive freehand
  147. Falcon extra bent with 2 bowls and Falcon Reamer