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  1. The Making Of A Blakemar Pipe
  2. The Making Of A Peterson Pipe
  3. Pipe Smoking Fail
  4. Speed Smoking
  5. Daily Puffer
  6. Another clay pipe attempt
  7. A video review of ETPH's amateur Blend "A Stout Face" and the GBD blasted Bulldog...
  8. Etph3030's new clay pipe...
  9. My review of Sgt.Miller's Pigeon Creek
  10. Here's a chance for you guys that have youtube accounts..
  11. A friend opening a box from me....
  12. my shop it says new but we're past that now
  13. Charatans O.S.H.A. approved factory in LondonR
  14. Bo Nordh - Pipemaestro
  15. Hackman Pipes Video Blog
  16. Pipe and Tobacco ads
  17. "dunhillmanuk" Is Back On Youtube... Now As "Legacydot"
  18. Pipe Cleaner Dance!
  19. The Amazing Pipe Clenching Gymnastics of Kees van Kooten
  20. Bertrand Russel
  21. mac baren commercial
  22. Vincent Manil of Semois tobacco
  23. The Pleasure of the Pipe
  24. Show me the world through Craven's eyes.
  25. U.S. Tobacco vintage footage
  26. bbc tobacco doc, very good
  27. Pipestone National Monument quarries and pipemaking
  28. Ser Jacopo Workshop Video
  29. A master reveals his secrets with actions & not words.
  30. British Pathé pipe-related clips
  31. A Very Shrewd Robot
  32. Nothing Should Disturb That Gondor Moment
  33. Charatan Pipes London (1977)
  34. Pipeman of the Year - 1968
  35. You're Never Alone with a Strand
  36. Martin Kane, Private Eye
  37. Murray & Sons Ghost Factory
  38. Gallaher's Irish Cake
  39. Growing and processing tobacco in The Netherlands during WWII
  40. Classic Curly Cut Commercial
  41. Tolkien at the Tobacconist's (1929)
  42. Early British Cigarette Packets
  43. Pipa Castello
  44. Erinmore Aromavision
  45. Jack Hargreaves Talks About Pipe Smoking...
  46. PirenAlp's Perfection - Tobacco Videos
  47. Briar Blues You Tube Channel
  48. These clown's make fun of pipe's made by a car maker
  49. Andrew Marks Talks About Pipemaking