View Full Version : HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Set to Ban Smoking In Public Housing

08-01-2018, 22:24
In another attempt to protect innocent, harmless people from the vile health dangers of second-hand smoking, HUD will ban smoking of any kind in HUD covered public housing. Right. :good: When we move into public housing for seniors, there will be a window and where there is a window, there will be a fan to exhaust the pipe smoke. :cheesy: For more info, here's a link that was posted on Briar Reports:


08-01-2018, 23:04
Yeah, good luck with that ban. :rolleyes:

Not HUD but as some of you know we rent and have been for about 4 years now. Before we moved in the landlord said "no smoking" but then told me the guy living upstairs smoked and the couple living downstairs smoked. When we signed the lease there was no mention of a no smoking policy in the lease papers. Long story, short version, he doesn't care. I think the mention of the other tenants smoking was to gauge if I would complain. I don't complain, the neighbors don't complain, the landlord doesn't complain, and as long as he gets his rent money on time he doesn't care.

Smoking in HUD housing will continue on and only be used as a Trump card for problem tenants. See what I did there? :cheesy:

Rant mode on! Now let's talk about mowing. Since I quit mowing the yard here, for free I might add, the lawn has only been mowed zero times since back in June. That's right, zero times, since back when I quit over the A/C deal. The landlord doesn't care squat about the property, only the money he makes off of it. Rant mode off. :declare:

08-04-2018, 19:50
The landlord doesn't care squat about the property, only the money he makes off of it. :declare:

Same here. The two sisters that own our side-by-side duplex only installed a new deck because they were afraid either an insurance claim and lawsuit if we or our next-door neighbors ever got hurt or the town stepping in and condemning it. Their own uncle, who helped build the deck said the same thing: they only want the rent money and won't voluntarily do any work on the place. :shout:

08-04-2018, 20:08
Oh, and there is a "no smoking" clause in the lease, so that's why I smoke in the workshop or outside on the deck. :guide: In addition, my wife also hates the aroma of pipe tobacco. :poorly: