View Full Version : C&D's New One...Crooked Lane

04-07-2012, 07:10
From the tin:
Cornell & Diehl harkens back to Old London with Crooked Lane, a rich and full English blend of Virginias, Latakia, a dose of Oriental and a whisper of Perique. We like to think something similar was a favorite of the artisans who for centuries have made Crooked Lane a world-wide destination for their fishing gear and bird cages. Fill your bowl and join us for a stroll!

Just opened a fresh tin...give'in her a lil air-time and will be ready for my AM smoke with side of espresso....will keep you posted, but from the tin notes brothers/sisters this looks to be a GREAT one

04-07-2012, 11:34
Ok , here is the update....in a single word "Outstanding" I gave
her about 3-4 hours of dry time out of the tin

Go get a sleeve of this stuff if you love English blends...C&D
hit another home~run on this blend....smooth/cool smoking,
The blend sings , nothing being overpowered in this blend...
The Lat is perfect creamy campfire goodness, the orientals
top-notch, and the Perique a nice stewed/spiced fruit all
dancing together in perfect harmony

04-07-2012, 14:45
Just smoked another bowl in a PennValley Duth Gouda clay pipe...
OMFG- This blend is a flavor powerhouse, still smooth/cool,
but what why flavors it is throwing out at me...

Btw: if you don't own a clay pipe, get two ;-) PennValley will
sell two Dutch Gouda models (larger bowls) for $20./plus shipping

04-07-2012, 18:40
Hey Scott..would you call this balanced or lat heavy?

04-08-2012, 03:11
Hi Mike,
I would call this a balanced one IMO, still a good med-full English blend just not a Lat powerhouse like Star of the East flake, Billy Budd, Penzance (which I love them all, when I'm looking for my Lat 1-2 punch)