View Full Version : Spanu Cork-Wrapped Pipes

Tony Malerich
04-08-2012, 03:49
Out of curiosity, does anybody else out there have a Spanu cork wrapped pipe? I really liked mine when I got it, though I've used it less of late. Mostly that's because it's quite large and less amenable to being taken out and about (while I love this apt's sunroom, I miss the last one's balcony). The extra insulation isn't really necessary when smoked properly (and really, if it was necessary you're probably smoking way too darn hot, which I'm sure I did occasionally at the time), but the texture and look are quite unique and enjoyable.

04-08-2012, 14:56
Hadn't heard of these Tony. Pictures, gotsta have pictures (-:

As porous as cork seems, do you find yours takes on an undue amount of oils and dirt from handling? Is it an extra challenge to clean the cork?

Steve Laug
04-08-2012, 16:11
I have seen pics Tony but not heard any comments from those who have one. I have the same questions as OTD

Tony Malerich
04-08-2012, 17:22
As of yet I can't speak too much to cleaning the cork. Mine is holding up quite nicely and hasn't required much as of yet. I picked it up probably in '07 or '08 from the satellite Georgetown Tobacco shop in Tyson's Corner Center, McLean, VA. The pipe itself is dated '01 so they apparently had it a while! I haven't smoked it as much recently so I'm speaking from vague memory, but when I was I'm fairly sure it did spend a lot of time being held in my hand rather than my teeth. It's a pretty substantial example of the series (most I find listed now are a good 20% smaller) - 3.05 oz, nearly 7" long with the bowl 2" across and 2 1/4" high (chamber is about 15/16" across and 1 3/4" deep). I've seen many bent examples of this style, but mine is a straight which made it even less mouth friendly. All that said, I do often wash my hands before smoking. As a side, I've also seen these with a black stem, but I like the tortoiseshell.


04-08-2012, 17:45
Well I will say I like the looks of it Tony.
The rough cork has it looking like chunk o' wood. The smooth bits of exposed briar tame the rough hewn perception nicely!

04-08-2012, 22:17
I have never seen one like that before, it's nice!