View Full Version : Two more Ebay pickups

Steve Laug
05-07-2012, 14:06
The first is a Karl Erik. I have several pipe by this maker and like the lightness and craftsmanship. This one cam up on Ebay and I bid and lost the bid. The winning bidder pulled his bid so it came to me. Cost $12 and I think I got a deal on it.


The second one I got as a challenge. It is an old timer. Not sure of the dates on it but I have checked the silver makers mark and the name and know that it is English made early 1900s. It is in rough shape and looks like the previous owner was a bit of a beaver - chewed the stem to a stick. I look forward to this one as I can see it joining some of my other early 1900s pipes as a real gem.


ol gto
05-07-2012, 14:16
Congrats, good catches:eagerness:

05-07-2012, 14:18
That last one looks like a great project Steve and I love the shape and grain of the first one. Congrats mate :)

05-07-2012, 17:29
reminds me, I really gotta get my pipes up on ebay...

But on topic, another great grab...I love the shape of that first one :) !