View Full Version : Old Pictures of Old Morris Tobacconist in Victoria BC

Steve Laug
05-07-2012, 21:45
I have been spending a bit of time in Victoria British Columbia for work and have visited the Old Morris Tobacconist Shop. It is a real disappointment and has turned into more of a gift shop these days.

This is what I was hoping to find many years ago when I first went there. It was a bit different back then but still a pipe shop. That has changed and it is now quite a trendy gift and cigar shop.

The first is a shot from the front door.

The second is a gas lighter, an Electrolier, that was always going. I remember lighting a cigar on it 20 some years ago. Also using a piece of Spanish cedar to light my pipe. It still remains but is more of a museum piece now.

05-07-2012, 22:13
Nice old shop. Too bad mot of them are long gone now, and those that do remain aren't much more than gift shops.

05-08-2012, 13:53
Man, I love the look of these old shops. Reminds me of when I was a kid riding in my Granddad's 1960 Dodge pickup to go to the local hardware store...long glass top wood framed counters with toys and guns on display. Wood drawers full of hardware, barrels by the door with seed. Granddad smoked CB and always had sheepskins (he tanned his own) on the truck seat, tractor seat, and on his chair in the living room. Funny what a picture will dredge up in your mind. Thanks Steve.

Old Ted
05-08-2012, 15:20
We had many like that - alas nearly all gone, or emasculated!. One I visited recently still had a card of MM cobs on the wall, and I asked for one, the young fellow behind the counter said -"you can't actually smoke those - I think they are just a novelty item" :biggrin-new:

05-09-2012, 00:49

That is an excellent term for describing what has happened.