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05-11-2012, 13:41
Latest baccy order is on the way. I went with something different this time. I am still trying to find a replacement for my beloved Drum but keep hitting brick walls so this time I am trying Kendal Kentucky, also on the way is Lanes BCA and Estorica Margate. Anyone know anything about these blends? I read all the reviews on Tobacco Reviews but I always take em with "A Grain of Salt", so to speak.

05-11-2012, 13:49
Hey fisher, can only comment on the Kendal's Kentucky.
It's been forever since I smoked Drum, as I recall it the KK will be much darker in taste and darn sure more potent in the nic department.
I twist up a cig from the KK usually once a day, smooth and rich. Being a fine shag it smokes well for me in small bowled pipes.
Compressed into a tight ball and then pressed into the pipe this smoke and a shot or two of bourbon will take the edge of in the best of ways!

05-11-2012, 13:57
Thanks mate. I have tried Dark Birdseye and 5Brothers so far. Both are good but still not a replacement.

05-11-2012, 14:11
I'll certainly need to try the 5Bros some day. I think the KK is smoother yet very similar in taste to DBE.

05-26-2012, 04:08
good luck on the replacement for drum maybe you can get some one from the states to get you some

05-26-2012, 04:28
Hey Fisher, have you tried Tambolaka? Not sure if that would be a replacement for drum, but it's got a big nic hit to hit.

10-07-2012, 06:49
I just ordered an 8oz bag of Margate myself