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05-26-2012, 12:23
Yesterday, after loading my truck I went to my first stop. After delivering and stocking my chips, I got back in the truck to head to the next stop on my route. When I went to fill my pipe, I realized that my pouch filled wit CH was still back at my warehouse. Time was against me going back to the warehouse, so I went back in the store to get some tobacco to get me through the day. I flat out abhor OTC's in pouches, and only buy tubs. At this store my choices were PA or Cpt Black. I went with PA as I am not an aromatic fan.

I do not have a sophisticated enough palate to tell what is different, all I can say is that while different, it was still very satisfying. Probably won't replace CH, but still a good smoke.

03-20-2015, 14:47
I also like CH. It's my go to smoke when breaking in a pipe, and lately everyday smoke. May I also suggest Chatham Manor by Hearth and Home. It is a tasty alternative to CH. It tastes similar if with a little more cocoa flavor in the CM. But, the burley comes through straight and clear.

St. Bernhardt
03-21-2015, 14:44
Never tried CH... what tobaccos does it consist of?

03-21-2015, 23:17
Never tried CH... what tobaccos does it consist of?

It's pretty much a straight burley. It's an OTC blend. Buy a small pouch to try