View Full Version : 1920's era Ehrlich Opera Pipe - refurbed

Steve Laug
05-26-2012, 16:11
Just finished up this little pipe from the 20's - stamped Ehrlich. The stem is stamped England on the underside. This is probably a Sasieni like the other little Ehrlich I posted earlier. It came in the same lot of pipe. It is a small one - just shy of 5 inches.

I cleaned the bowl as it had tobacco remnants in it. I sanded the tooth chatter on the stem and then polished and buffed it. The finish was in great shape so it only needed to be cleaned and buffed. Here are the pictures.


ol gto
05-26-2012, 16:17
Nice work Steve, that's a beautiful little pipe!

05-26-2012, 16:37
Is the oblong shape of the bowl what constitutes an "Opera" Steve?

05-26-2012, 17:56
Nice refurb as always! I've had a few small oval bowled pipes back when...slip right into your shirt/jacket pocket. I need to find a couple of nice meers like that....................

Steve Laug
05-26-2012, 18:24
Is the oblong shape of the bowl what constitutes an "Opera" Steve?

Yes and the flatness. It makes it a pocket sized pipe. Perfect for an intermission.

05-26-2012, 22:21
Nice work, she's a real beauty!