View Full Version : Sunday Morning - 2 Refurbs!

Steve Laug
05-27-2012, 16:56
Just finished up these two old timers.

The first is an Amphora pot. It was dirty and caked. The finish was shot. Originally it may have been a natural finish with a coat of varnish or something on it. But that had crackeled and was spotty. I cleaned it off with acetone and took it down the bare briar. Then I sanded and smoothed it out. I stained it with a dark brown undercoat, buffed and sanded that until it was the colour I wanted and then gave it a top coat of oxblood. Finished it with buffing on the white diamond wheel and then gave it a coat of wax. The stem was not too bad so it took some polish and a buff of wax. Here it is:

The second one is a nice long stemmed City de Luxe. This one was dirty but had a pretty decent finish on it so it just took some cleaning and waxing. the bowl is out of round and there is not much to be done with that on this one. The stem was in good shape but needed cleaning around the button and then some buffing and polishing. Here it is: