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Steve Laug
06-24-2012, 15:07
I just found out I was written up in Neill Archer Roan's Passion for Pipes regarding rebornpipes. I don't know why it is but I find it hard to read stuff about myself. Neill did a great job capturing what it is about refurbishing that makes me tick. As usual Neill's wordsmithing is superb - even with me as a subject. Wow.

Just had to share this here.


06-24-2012, 15:11
You darn sure merit the recognition Steve!

06-24-2012, 16:17
You darn sure merit the recognition Steve!


I never like reading stuff about me either...though, it's usually not good...lol.

Congrats on the write up :)

ol gto
06-24-2012, 16:34
Congrats on the recognition you so richly deserve, thanks for providing the "link".

06-24-2012, 18:33
At least it's not the local police blotter - LOL!

Way cool Steve!! Thanks for all the tips you've shared..
Well deserved artcile that was written up..:eagerness:

06-24-2012, 18:46
Well deserved, Steve -- congrats!

06-24-2012, 18:59
Well deserved praise Steve. Your tips and "how-to" articles here and elsewhere, have been a boon to everyone who considers refurbishing pipes.

06-24-2012, 22:16
T-Bear hit the nail squarely on the head Steve! With the people in this world receiving praise they DON'T deserve, it's nice when it's given to someone that does deserve it!