View Full Version : Irish Gems

Tony Malerich
07-24-2012, 13:34
Is anybody familiar with the Irish Gems stamping? I've tried poking around and haven't found much about it at all. Is it another seconds line from Peterson?

07-24-2012, 16:17
I found this on pipedia....
Looks to *possibly* be a Pete second sold to us dummies in the US and Aus. Beyond that, no clue.

Tony Malerich
07-24-2012, 17:17
Yeah, that's about all I could rustle up myself. I'm hoping somebody out there might have encountered them personally and have some info. I was just curious because a friend's folks recently picked him up one when they were in Dublin. Looks to be a 69 shape (or something similar), but there's no markings to that effect. Just a nickel band with a clover and "Irish Gems" either on the band or perhaps shank.

07-24-2012, 18:15
I'd bet money on it being a Pete second....but that don't make it so......