View Full Version : I am looking for very high quality Delrin tenons for our meers.

Storient Meerschaums
07-30-2012, 19:09
Hello ;

My supplier in Usa is not able to provide delrins for a while. I am searching for an alternative delrin tenon provider to be used in our meerschaum pipes. I ll buy like 100s so is there place you are familiar with who can provide me delrins to be used in our meers ?



07-31-2012, 00:58
I cut and drill my own Delrin. I buy the rods from McMaster-Carr. http://www.mcmaster.com They have very reasonable prices and excellent service. They are located in Atlanta, GA.

Storient Meerschaums
08-01-2012, 01:26
ow hi . I kinda know yr profile from one other forum or fb ?
and those corncobs are smilar too

Thanks for the great help Dgerwin.
I have just sent them an email.

08-01-2012, 01:32
yes I participate in several forums.

Glad to be of some assistance. I have even called them for technical stuff and also clerical. Very friendly and easy to deal with.