View Full Version : P&C's New Releases!

10-16-2012, 23:41
Pipes and Cigars has just released a new line with four new blends.
Priced at $14.29 for 8 ounces. The last two sound interesting.
NOTE: no affiliation, just a heads up!!


10-17-2012, 00:04
I'd love to try these, but they're only available in 8 oz tins, and 8 oz is the absolute maximum I can get through customs without paying duty. The shipping, btw, is $33 for a total of $48 ($6 an ounce). We pay $30 an ounce here for OTC tobacco, so I'm not begrudging the price but I'd have to do 4 separate orders and space them out so customs wouldn't notice! :-( Damn!

10-17-2012, 13:36
The Gettysburg, and Waterloo sound interesting, but kinda hate to have to buy 1/2 a lb. not knowing if I'd like it or not.

10-17-2012, 23:52
Hi drdca, I also have to make small orders all the time and P&C is too pricey with shipping. So many times I have wanted to just keep clicking away at the tobacco brands I would like to have in 1 shipment, but I am also cautious of customs so I leave it at 8oz or just a little bit less. Welcome to Canada, eh!!

10-18-2012, 23:41
Yeah, that's the problem all right! Oh well, if they're popular maybe they'll come out in bulk!