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Tony Malerich
11-06-2012, 04:02
So I think I can safely post this here. I've been eyeing this meerschaum claw for a fair while now. It was very tempting - no case, but very reasonably priced. I haven't been able to justify the expense as I already have a very nice Baglan claw that I don't smoke nearly enough. Well, my brother just joined up on another forum and made note of his need for his first meer. His birthday is just around the corner so *BING* I can exercise some PAD for him. I hope he likes it.

11-06-2012, 15:30
That's a good lookin' meer. I'm sure your brother will love it.

11-06-2012, 18:38
Beautiful pipe....lucky brother! Well done.....

Tony Malerich
11-24-2012, 02:02
Even without a case, the price on this was RIDICULOUS. I was crazy not to jump on it right away. Glad it was still available when I got around to it. I'm hoping he has a little color on it when I get back to IA for Christmas.

11-24-2012, 08:12
Nice looking Meer, he will love it! Tell your brother we would like for him join up here on PSU!!!

11-24-2012, 13:55
Well played Tony..at least keep it in the family eh? I think he's gonna be pretty jazzed with it..good choice.

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11-24-2012, 18:18
Nice looking meer... I'm sure your brother will love it!

12-05-2012, 21:06
That will be a fantastic B.Day present for your brother. Very nice looking Meerschaum and a great way to introduce your brother to the White Goddess. Well Done.

Wyatt James
12-13-2012, 19:57
Nice looking meer. Your brother is a lucky man.