View Full Version : What is freehand pipe?

12-13-2012, 21:54
Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody could tell me what does a freehand pipe mean?
Thank you

12-13-2012, 22:31
I don't know what the textbook definition is, nor the origin of the style, though I believe it originated in Denmark. It's a pipe thats shape is dictated by the block of briar itself, giving it a more natural appearance than something like say a Bulldog or Billiard. The walls of the pipe are often thicker than they are on most standard shapes, and often the top and sometimes the shank are left with the plateaux exposed, rather than being cut off or sanded flat. The Karl Erik you were looking at is a beautiful example of a Freehand shape.

12-13-2012, 22:32
From what I can gather a freehand is a pipe carved to follow the grain of a block. The danish have sort of set the standard.

12-14-2012, 13:25
+1 on what Herb and Bob said!

12-14-2012, 15:42
Thank you all

Wyatt James
12-14-2012, 17:59
As usual, these guys are right on top of it. Never an unanswered question. I love the unique style of a freehand