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01-07-2013, 20:31
Hi folks,
I wonder if you explained me the difference between sandblast,rustic and smooth finishes.
I have noticed sandblast one are cheaper and got curious about it.
Thank you

Wyatt James
01-07-2013, 20:37
I am sure that these guys will chime in with much better answers than me, so I won't even attack it lol. I have a few of each, but love the rusticated pipes, and my newest Savinelli is Sandblasted (actually that is my only sandblasted). The look of the rusticated is just very appealing to me. I'm very curious to see the responses to this, as i'm sure some of the answers will be very informative!

01-07-2013, 20:39
It's a way of using perfectly good smoking briar though it may have esthetic faults.
Thus the premium on flawless smooth finished pipes
Also their is a great deal of artistry to applying a particular rough(rusticated, sandblast) treatment.

Wyatt James
01-07-2013, 20:42
That is exactly why I appreciate the rusticated, its the artistry that goes into it.

01-08-2013, 03:02
Sandblasting, rusticating, painting with black enamel/lacquer, and covering with leather are ways to hide or camouflage cosmetic imperfections. The emphasis is on "cosmetic" so choose whatever appeals to you. I have had pipes with all the finishes described but I generally prefer a smooth finish if I am going to spend over $60 for a pipe.

01-08-2013, 03:18
I agree with the above. But sandblasted pipes are not always cheaper than smooths. Google some of the top carvers like Rad Davis, JT Cooke, and Brian Ruthenberg and look at their blasts. Some of them $500.00 and more!! Some carvers can use a blaster like painters use a brush to produce some magnificent looking blasted pipes!! Blasting isn't always used to cover blemishes and flaws. Some carvers know by the grain pattern if a pipe will be a blast or smooth. How? That you will have to ask them.

Wyatt James
01-08-2013, 14:48
I agree Bob, I have seen some sandblasted that are very up in price. The talent and skill they put into blasting causes the price to go up.

01-08-2013, 17:10
The way I see it:
Smooth allows the natural grain to show. Tight straight grain and spectacular birds eye draw a premium. Flame grain has a large following too, as does a well executed cross grain.

Blasting enhances the grain and gives the pipe a different tactile sense. Strong deep blasts are a thing of beauty. A well executed ring blast can be spectacular.

Rustication is used for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is to cover minor flaws in the surface. Not so obvious is to add some character to a block with little or poor grain. These pipes are quite serviceable, but need a bit of help from the creator. Third reason...the carver just likes the idea of rusticating a certain shape.

Don't knock rusticated and blasted pipes. They are just another form of finish.

Wyatt James
01-08-2013, 17:17
That is the explanation I was talking about. Perfectly said

01-08-2013, 18:52
Thank you everyone for your valuable information