View Full Version : Chicago Club January 2014 Meeting

Craig Cobine
01-08-2014, 10:43
Have you been hibernating during the Polar Vortex? Well the January Thaw is right around the corner, and with a predicted high of 36 magnificent degrees, Saturday January 11, 2014 is the perfect day for you to awaken and attend the January Meeting of the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club.

The Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club meets this Saturday night, January 11, 2014, at 8 to 8 Cigar in Villa Park. The meeting will start at 8 pm, but members start arriving at 7 or before. See the website for driving directions: www.chicagopipeshow.com

If you are a club member, be sure to attend. If you are not a member, all pipe and cigar smokers are welcome to attend and smoke with us. Please join us for a pleasant evening of smoking and conversation.

Craig Cobine
01-10-2014, 12:08
We have a special guest this month. Smokey Joe’s Clothing of Chicago, www.smokeyjoesclothing.com will join us and will present their authentic smoking jackets and hats, which they make and sell.