View Full Version : An Afternoon At Michael Parks' Shop - Fall Burner, Swap Meet, Shop Tour and BBQ

07-15-2014, 13:28
On September 6th, at 12pm, The Lakeshore Smokestacks and the Downtown Toronto Pipe Club (DTPC) will be holding a combined burner, swap meet and barbecue with Michael Parks at his workshop/studio.

Mike has graciously opened his doors to us, will be offering shop tours, will walk participants through the different stages of pipe making, and will be happy to answer questions about his approach to pipe making.

We'll be bringing in ribs and the fixin's for all and sundry, and will be running a simultaneous 'swap and sell' event for folks who want to trade/sell their personal tobacco, pipes, and ephemera. A little later in the afternoon we'll have a walk through on regular and routine pipe maintenance and a demonstration on buffing up stummels and stems.

We anticipate that the event will go into the early evening, so for those of you driving in for the event, you'll have plenty of time to come and enjoy the event with us.

If you'd like to attend please fire me a PM, so we can keep a track of head count.

More details to follow...

-- Pat

07-15-2014, 13:32
Pat, that sounds like it will be a great time!

07-15-2014, 13:33
Sounds like a great day! hope you get a good turn out:biggrin:

07-15-2014, 13:35
Sounds like a great time, Pat! I wish I wasn't so far away, or I'd go!

07-15-2014, 13:43
Sounds like a great time will be had by all.!

St. Bernhardt
07-15-2014, 13:45
That's gonna be an awesome event!

Please take some pics and post them here!

Mr. Motoyoshi
07-15-2014, 13:57
Pat this sounds awesome. Hopefully come of our Canadian brethren can partake in the festivities.

I can't wait to be back stateside and potentially share some conversations over a bowl with some of you fine gents.