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Sergeant Matron
10-07-2014, 19:00
Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

The September edition of the KPC newsletter 'Briar & Bothies' can be found HERE. (http://kearvaigpipeclub.co.uk/magazine.html)



St. Bernhardt
10-07-2014, 20:04
Thanks for the heads up, Matron!

Brooklin Bill
10-07-2014, 20:09
As usual a funny read ...... although Ebola Gay may seem a little too irreverent.

10-07-2014, 20:09
What happened to Waldorfs and Statdler's wine column?:big_boss:

10-07-2014, 20:12
What happened to Waldorfs and Statdler's wine column!

They contracted Ebola, and are in a critical state - will probably snuff it!!

10-07-2014, 21:02
What happened to Waldorfs and Statdler's wine column?:big_boss:

See next issue!

10-07-2014, 21:04
See next issue!

If they pull through!!

Sergeant Matron
10-07-2014, 21:16
If they pull through!!

Good question. The Professionals did indeed deliver the goods, high quality merch at that, but it is all my fault as I had to juggle so much stuff this month and drop a few features/articles due to the plethora of guff I had. The editor of a pipe club periodical simply cannot please all of the puffballs all of the time...

10-08-2014, 11:15
And doesn't this gentleman look like a normal, reasonably behaved individual...

10-08-2014, 12:49
A fantatic read love the gallery on the web site.😤😧😨😵

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