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St. Bernhardt
11-03-2014, 11:34
General Rules

1. You must be 18 or older to join the forum.

2. Members are allowed one Pipe Smoker Unlimited Forum account. Multiple accounts are not allowed and will be deleted.

3. Debates and discussion are encouraged, but keep it friendly. Personal attacks, insults and name calling may result in; a moderator editing the post, the post being deleted, or an infraction being issued.

3a. All threads that are not pipe related, and might contain pictures/language that might be considered NSFW (= Not Safe For Work), should be posted in The Back Room Forum. The PSU staff reserves the right to move or at our discretion, delete any post that has NSFW content posted outside The Back Room. Also if you start a thread in The Back Room that you know to be blatantly NSFW, we ask that you state that it is NSFW in the thread title.

3b. The Back Room is available only to full PSU members who have reached the minimum post count of 50.
If you are easily offended, viewing NSFW flagged posts are at your own risk. Also, please see Rule 8.

4. Threads, posts, avatars, signatures, etc., containing: religious, racist, or political content in any form are not permitted.

5. No political posts are permitted unless it is directly related to tobacco legislation.

6. Links to other forums or blogs in posts or signatures is prohibited unless it directly relates to the topic. Pipe Smoker Unlimited reserves the right to either amend the post/signature to remove the link, or delete the post entirely.

7. Please do not include complete articles in the content of your post, link to the article instead.
Moderators may delete or modify any posts with respect to concerns about copyright with regards to published material.

8. Threads or posts that are determined to be “spam” will result in that thread/post being deleted and will result with the member receiving an infraction on the first offense. Repeat offenses will result in the member being banned.

9. There is no place, including the Back Room, on the public forum where it is appropriate to discuss individual moderation issues. They should be handled by PM exchanges with members of the Moderation Team.

Buy/Sell/Trade/Wanted Forum Rules (B/S/T) / Pipe Makers Forum

10. To post in the B/S/T forum, you must be a PSU Member which you become automatically shortly after having made 50 posts... These must be legitimate posts, not simple 1 or 2 word answers.

11. Carvers/Pipe Makers who wish to sell their pipes on PSU are permitted to do so once you have met the minimum post count of 50. If you have a website, you may include links once you have met the post requirements.

The purpose of this forum is to interact with others who enjoy the hobby of pipes, cigars and smokeless tobacco. Pipe Smokers Unlimited is not a vehicle for free advertising. Post not meeting these requirements or Approved before hand by management will be deleted.

Note: PSU is not responsible for any transactions resulting from using this service.

12. Buying/Selling/Trading in the forum is at your own risk! In the rare event any member does not fulfill their end of the deal, the administrators and moderators do not have the ability to rectify the situation. After several attempts to remedy the situation, if the party does not make good on their end, you may post that the deal was not fulfilled. Please keep it polite and civil, personal attacks and name calling serves no purpose, even in these situations, and posts containing personal attacks will be deleted.

13. No raffles of any kind are allowed; this includes, but is not limited to, posts asking that a website or Facebook page be “Liked” for the purposes of winning prizes.

14. Open auctions will be permitted with prior approval from the administrators.

These rules are not all encompassing and cannot cover every possible scenario, Pipe Smoker Unlimited Forum Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to delete/edit/lock posts (and in extreme cases ban members) who post inappropriate content, without warning.

With all that said, we do try to keep a light touch to the moderation...after all, we are all here to have some fun!!!

Please don't hesitate to contact any of the admins or mods if you have any questions, concerns, or need help with anything.