View Full Version : Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Thursday 11Dec 7:00pm

12-02-2014, 15:21
Morley's is early again this month, also due to holiday scheduling. But this will give us an opportunity to coordinate carpooling up to New York to join the Hudson Valley PC/Kaywoodie Slow Smoke and Holiday Party event, in a new venue.

We will meet as usual at the Pen & Pencil Club, which HankS points out has been our congenial host for 5 years now - possibly a record for Morley's, which has been around for a couple of decades. And one of our newer members, Justin, has determined that, among P&P's many virtues, is their very reasonable pricing for their well stocked bar, especially if your taste runs to premium Scotches.


St. Bernhardt
12-02-2014, 18:49
Have a great time, gents!

Actually, I'm gonna join the Christmas dinner of our pipe club on Thursday 11th. of December, too... And there will also be FREE BAR included. Price DKR. 400 / USD 65.

Can't wait!