View Full Version : Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Thursday 21May 7:00pm

05-14-2015, 00:19
It's been quite a stretch since our last monthly meeting of 9Apr, such being the vagarities of the Pen & Pencil Club schedule of author signings and wine tastings, which pre-empt us pipers. The Club does love Morley's, but I guess we pipers are used to playing second fiddle to everyone else.

A record Morley's contingent descended on the CPCC Pipe Show in St. Charles: I counted a goodly 12, and most participated in the (sold out) Slow Smoke event. It must be Karma, but our newest member, Rachel, did the best time of our group. So the upcoming meeting will be full of tales from the show and much booty will be displayed and shared.