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03-04-2012, 19:12
You can set up a "subscription" so that you receive an email notifcation when there is a reply to a topic you want to follow (or started).First up, you can subscribe to threads indvidually:http://www.psaphotos.com/photos/i-WJpSxPk/1/L/i-WJpSxPk-L.jpghttp://www.psaphotos.com/photos/i-N9NF7qf/1/L/i-N9NF7qf-L.jpgSecond, you can set up your default setting to be notified by email. What this will do, however, is automatically subscribe you to every thread you start, or reply to. (for example, you post in the "what's in your pipe" thread, you will get an email notifcation every time everybody else posts there as well). The good news is, if you find this "annoying", there is an unsubscribe link in the email.So, to change your setting to default to email notifcations:Go to settings > general settings and scroll down to the "Message and Notfication" section > select Instantly, using email from the drop down box. After making your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click "Save Changes"http://www.psaphotos.com/photos/i-N5w8KsD/1/L/i-N5w8KsD-L.jpghttp://www.psaphotos.com/photos/i-5QPQCMP/1/L/i-5QPQCMP-L.jpghttp://www.psaphotos.com/photos/i-Lmr7RDM/2/L/i-Lmr7RDM-L.jpg

03-04-2012, 19:25

Mind if I add to this Paul? No?

If you do nothing other than select "Through my control panel only" in the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" seen above, the forum software will automatically Subscribe you to any thread you post in.

I do this because I don't want the e-mail notifications. Instead, the first thing I do when I log in is select the "Settings" link in the upper RH corner of the screen. The page you see will list all your subscribed threads that have been added to since your last log-in.

Hope that made sense.

08-07-2012, 20:26
Bump for the new members :) !