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03-06-2012, 19:45
Want to add a little fun to a thread you are starting...add a poll question to the discussion.

Everybody has the ability to add a poll to a thread that they have started.

I was going to pass on doing the screen prints for this one, since it is a pretty straight forward process.

To add a poll, you must first create your new thread (you can also go back to a thread you started and add one). After submitting your thread, there will be a menu bar right above the first post:

1) there should be an option that says "Thread Tools", click on that
2) click on Add a Poll to this Thread
3) Add your question
4) Add your answers (called "options" in the forum), it defaults to '2'. if you want to add more answers, you can change that to whatever number and then click Update Options
5) If you want to permanently leave the poll open, leave the Poll Timeout box blank. If you want it to expire, then enter the # of days.
6) Check/Uncheck any of the additional options you wish.
7) Click Submit New Poll and you're poll will now be above the first post in the forum.

I know we have a "Poll" thread, but we actually decided to leave polls in the appropriate topics so that they could be found easier...I just never got back to moving the polls into the appropriate threads.

03-06-2012, 20:42
Can everybody do this? I only see the option "discussion tools"

03-06-2012, 20:51
Isn't it easier to set up the poll at the same time you start the thread rather than after you submit?
Under the text editing window is a section labeled "Additional Options"
Check the "Post a Poll" box and then when you submit the thread you are automatically taken to the poll creation wizard for that thread.

03-06-2012, 21:12
Yup OTD, you are correct and to be honest, I always forget about that "Go Advanced" button next to the "Post Quick Reply".


To add a poll as you're starting a thread:

Type your discussion or what have you...instead of clicking "Submit New Thread" click on "Go Advanced", this will open up several other options. The poll option will be in here as well.

Fill out the requested info in the poll section, then submit. after you submit the thread, the next screen will allow you to enter your poll question and answers...then you can submit the poll.

It's pretty much the same instructions as above, but all in one step in stead of 2. d'oh.

Thanks Brian :) !

03-06-2012, 21:14
Looks as though we are talking of a couple of different things here Paul. With me involved that's not surprising!

You mention above "Post Quick Reply" and "Go Advanced". Those are only options available to a submitted thread... ?

I'm only pointing out establishing a poll at the same time as starting a thread.

LOL! I'm even confusing myself now and I've setup several polls over the years with vBulletin (-:

I'm gonna leave this one at, I've never added a poll after the fact as your OP seemed to suggest, only ever done so when initially composing a thread. (I'm feeling a deep hole forming beneath me just now)

I'm aging....

Your editing while I'm typing!

Running away now (-:

03-06-2012, 21:20
Now you got me confused...lmao : )!

I should just set up a "dummy" account so when I post stuff like this I can use that account so my screen looks like the same as everyone else's. The pains of being a mod I guess, I have some different options that y'all.

But alas, a dummy account would be breaking the rule of only one account...I'd have to ban myself.

03-06-2012, 21:50
BTW- I figured it out. I was trying to add a poll in a group discussion. Must have to be in a main forum thread.

03-06-2012, 21:53
BTW- I figured it out. I was trying to add a poll in a group discussion. Must have to be in a main forum thread.

Good :) !!!

Are these instructions clear, or will we be better served if I do the screen prints?

03-06-2012, 21:55
Clear! I probably found the only way to misunderstand.

08-07-2012, 20:24
Bump for the new members :) !