View Full Version : Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 11Aug 7:00pm

08-07-2016, 15:06
Dan just got back from Hungary and set the date for August Morley's. Our monthly meeting is next Thursday 11Aug, a week earlier than our usual 3rd Thursday/Wednesday. It is a mite early, but the better to plan for the NASPC pipe show at the end of the month. Pipe shows will have to change; hopefully there will be more pipe shows, but Columbus and maybe Las Vegas may be the last with the formats we've come to know and love. We also need to mull over the effects of the new PA 40% cig tax on bulk blends (loose tobacco) at B&Ms. Also the confounded FDA Deeming regs will be active by then, and ways of coping with them will be ample grounds for discussion.

There has been a veritable explosion of new blend introductions meant to meet the 2 year window. Depending on the lawsuits for an injunction, we can ponder the fate of the post-2007 blends. Even before these new rules, some of the tobacco houses had already been trimming their product lines, even as many new entrants had popped up. Lots of turmoil, indeed.