View Full Version : Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 6Oct 7:00pm

09-26-2016, 14:18
This will be another (super)early one - the Pen & Pencil Club has had higher priority events displacing us in our usual 3rd Wednesday or Thursday slot. No problem though - we can plan for those going to the West Coast Pipe Show in early November. With the perfidious FDA Deeming regs, pipe shows will undergo serious alterations, so speculation now as to what form and content will be forced will be interesting.

From what I can tell, many members, among others, have been in a pre-emptive TAD frenzy, with the explosion of 'new' blends hitting the market in order to qualify for maybe 2 years of sales before vanishing. And here in the Keystone State, the hapless state gov'mint sneaked in the floor tax that put our friends at Wingenroth's out of business. The silver linings in this state cloud are the inventory reduction sales this month there and at Mars Cigars.

I'll bring some of the great RussO's new and innovative Acadian Virginia blends, along with his boutique Periques and Greg's Drucquer's retro reissues (though presumably w/o Syrian Latakia).