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12-31-2016, 00:19
Not pipe related,
but instead something about the Edsel of the cigarette world.

Wills's Strand brand was a tremendous flop despite a massive advertising campaign.

Fickle tastes of the public,
who ever knows what'll stick and what'll slide?!?!?!?



Somewhat related,


The almighty American freakfolk psychedelic tribal funk or whatever band from Arizona,
the Sun City Girls,
released a 7" single in 1990 with a title playing on the old Strand tagline...


I think they're brilliant and they are the makers of the strangest record that I own,
an oddity called "Napoleon and Josephine" which isn't music but spoken word with traffic sounds in the background, I used to always include snippets of it on mixtapes, but spun with the turntable off and done manually to slow the speech down and cause wobbly wavers in a trippy garbled sort of way,
fun stuff!


Am I the king of offtopic tangents or what?

RP McMurphy
12-31-2016, 13:05
That's like those cabbage or lettuce cigarettes, Triumph I believe they were called that came out in the late 60's or early 70's.
They thought they really had something till ya smoked one. I still remember kneeling over the porcelain goddess after a pack of'em.
Not saying his did that but, they too didn't last long on the market. And ya thought you were the only one.:wink: