View Full Version : FDA delays enforcement...

05-03-2017, 14:15
From the WaPo,


05-03-2017, 14:31
For you folks who have been following this closely, does this have any definite implications for pipe tobacco? Or is this just another wait-and-see development?

05-03-2017, 15:22
That's great news and a positive harbinger!

I haven't been following closely, but this step seems like a triumph.

Brooklin Bill
05-03-2017, 16:51
My feeling from reading the article is simply a recognition of the "Vape" versus traditional tobacco products. It's a wait and see but perhaps with some more sober thought.

05-03-2017, 18:55
great new, although I expected something like that, it was crazy

05-03-2017, 19:32
Yippee! A step in the right direction but we need more than that! Let's hope this mean progress.

05-05-2017, 23:05
Unfortunately, this isn't going to help our Brothers and Sisters across the pond...maybe the powers that be there will see what is happening here and hopefully not tighten the screws down even more...

05-06-2017, 00:17
I started feeling like something was going to be delayed, but I will still take this as a possible step in the right direction.

05-06-2017, 19:20
Making tobacco great again. :good: