• Pete' Rustication Pictorial

    Some time ago I was asked if I would do a step-by-step run down on my own rustication process, so I rusticated what was my own Peterson bent bowl for this purpose.

    So before we get going, let's see what the process will do to the bowl of the pipe:

    Right so, onto the process then. :)

    The pipes bowl, the two chisels I use, my crappy pencil and the knife I use to perma-line the boundaries for the areas to be rusticated

    Here we mark the rustication boundaries in pencil

    Here we perma-mark the boundaries using a sharp knife to scratch out the lines

    Notched out the shank boundary lines

    Here's me notching the bowl rim boundaries

    Notched the bowl rim boundary

    Here I have started notching the bowl top

    Here's the bowl top notched

    Start of the base boundary notches

    The base boundary notches are now done

    This is where we are so far, getting there.

    Start to notching the bowl rim edge

    Finished notching the bowl rim edge

    Here I have now notched the bowl top rim

    Notching the bulk of the base interior

    Here I have notched out the bulk of the bowl top rim interior

    Here I have notched the remainder of the base interior

    Here I am starting to remove the remaining surface finish with 180 wet and dry

    Here the remaining finish is now removed, note I have made sure it looks distressed

    Here I have now sanded the bowl smooth using 400, 600, 1200 wet and dry sand paper, note the effect is looking distressed

    Here I have applied a dark brown stain, note it is a full and generous application

    Here I have applied a dark red stain, again note the fullness of the coating

    Now I have applied the final stain, a mid-brown, coverage is not so important with this one, a quick cover would do but I have opted for a full and generous application.

    Now I have given the bowl an alcohol rub-down using a clean cloth and ISO, note I have almost wiped the stains away, but only 'almost'

    I have now applied 2 very generous applications of Tripoli using the buffer wheels, this stage is vital to the finish of the bowl

    This is after I have brutalised the bowl on the buffer wheels to remove some staining to distress the bowl further

    Here I have used White Diamond on the buffer wheels to remove the Tripoli much and shine the surface a little before the wax

    Here I have applied the first coat of wax and carnauba

    All done now, here is the final bowl re-attached to its polished stem.