• Vauen refurb

    This is one of the pipes Jimmy sent me as part of a trade, it's a Vauen (I think) Luxus 9mm Filter pipe.

    Jimmy wanted me to post an article covering the refurb's of one or more of the pipes he sent me, this is a simple pictorial of the process.

    This is the pipe as it looked to start with:

    As you can see it didn't really need anything doing to it as it was pretty much perfect as it was, but I couldn't help but feel it was one of the most boring looking pipes I had laid eyes on, so I put an end to that. The Briar is one of those filled with imperfections, I have no idea how they get it like this, it looks like it is surface is covered in filed down plateau, it's most peculiar looking, as you will see.

    The first thing to do then is to strip off the original coating and remove the surface dye:

    So, next I wanted to make the bowl top look nicer than it does originally, here's how the bowl top looked stripped down:

    So, out came the files and I spent a good long while filing a new shape to the bowl top, I have given it a slope from the sides toward the bore, in the bore chamber I have filed a slight bevel to compliment the bowl tops new shape:

    As you can see the surface is pretty mashed up from the file work, so now I have to use wet & dry paper, 250 grit to start with to remove the bulk of the filing scratches:

    Looking better now, but it's still pretty rough looking, so now i give it a bit of a more gentle approach with 600 grit and then 1200 grit wet & dry to remove the damage left from the coarser wet & dry:

    Right then, looking better now, okay, the entire stummel surface is scratchy and looking pretty shabby, the bowl top is not as smooth yet as it could be, so now it's time to get to work with 2000 grit wet & dry:

    Now we're talking, the entire surface is soft and smooth, okay then, now we need to add the new stain for the stummel, I have had to mix the remaining drips of my dyes together to make enough dye to get the job done, so I have absolutely no idea what colour this is now:

    Okay, so far so good, but now I want the bowl top to be a lighter colour than the rest of the stummel, time to re-sand the bowl top, so back through the sanding stages for the bowl top:

    Brilliant, now we need to apply a different stain to the bowl top, I would have gone for a mid-tone red but had to settle for using the last bit of ISO I had to mix with a drop of the remaining mixed dyes, didn't turn out too bad:

    Right then, time to see what the pipe is looking like before we finish it off with the wax and polishing:

    Here's how it looks after the waxing and buffing, it's had 3 coats of Carnauba wax and a lengthy spin on the dry buffer:

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    1. Peter Piper's Avatar
      Peter Piper -
      Great work buddy and it is always interesting to see the step-by-step revealed. Most importantly, I guess: what did Jimmy think of it?