• C&:D Night Train

    This is a complex and interesting blend. It is all natural, with no flavoring or additives that I can detect. Obviously that doesn't mean there are none used, but none that I pick up - this is just about as natural a tobacco as you will find.
    To my palate it is very VA forward, with burley way in the background and just a enough Perique to jazz it up a little. It is mildly sweet, along the lines of brown sugar, honey, and graham crackers, but the burley and perique perfectly temper the sweetness to create a well balanced and never cloying blend which still has a lovely Virginia dominated character. You can think of this in terms of a hoppy beer, if you wish, with the zesty, bitter hops balancing the sweetness of the malts.

    This blend comes pressed in a brick, and rubs up with great ease pretty much however finely you desire. I tend to rub it out to a "fish food" consistancy, much like Old Joe Krantz, but sometimes also leave it just slightly chunkier for a slower burn. When fully rubbed, it reaches perfect moisture in a matter of around 15 minutes or so. It comes a bit moister than most C&D blends, quite likely due to being pressed.

    With a 1lb block of the stuff available for less than 35 bucks currently at many online retailers, this blend is a true bargain. It possesses enough depth of flavor, richness, and strength to satisfy me, and offers a slow, satisfying burn. There are many blends I enjoy as much as this, but there are very few that surpass it.

    I will say that the first time I tried it was from a 2oz tin, though I'm currently working through a pound of the stuff. The first two or three smokes rubbed me the wrong way and I didn't really "get" it. I found it had an astringent and harsh flavor for the first few minutes before settling down. These days I never notice that quality, and find it a thoroughly pleasant smoke from start to finish. If at first you don't like it, give it several more tries; you may be like me and learn to love it.

    While it may not be for everyone, I truly love this tobacco. Four stars on all points.
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      Great review, Brian! Do you mind if we promote this to an article?
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      That is a great review as Herb said and it has set my taste buds a-tingling. I like "Va forward," sounds like one for the wish-list. Thanks, Brian.
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      That is a great baccy. Wonderful review!

      It's a shame you have to pull teeth to get it across the pond.
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      Quote Originally Posted by HCraven View Post
      Great review, Brian! Do you mind if we promote this to an article?
      No problem Herb:puffy

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      I always have some Night Train on hand. I consider it a VaPer well rounded or tamed by the burley.