• Mac Baren Virginia Flake

    I thought it worth extolling the virtues of this blend, which is perhaps so ubiquitous that it doesn't always get the recognition it deserves.

    Beautifully formed, as is the case with most MB products, it delivers a sweet, honey aroma from the tin with perhaps the slightest hint of vanilla. To confuse us, this is not the straight Virginia one might expect given its name, there is a touch of Burley in there.

    There is a light moisture content, so it is advisable to let the flake air and dry outside the tin for a wee bit. I find that it then rubs out easily, alternative methods of preparation should be no problem. Pack it loose and light it up and you are instantly granted the taste of fine Virginia, but with that something extra from the Burley that just smooths it along. For those who may have struggled with that Virginia "thing," this may well be a good cross-over to help you on that path, should you choose to persist with it.

    Overall, this is the kind of blend that MB do so well. Nothing too cerebral, you don't need to be pondering the meaning of life in order to enjoy it. Just pack your pipe and puff away. I am smoking it as I type this and it is as enjoyable as ever. And none of that infamous Mac Baren "bite," although I should point out that I seem lucky not to be afflicted with this generally.

    One of my regular "go to" blends. And one I miss straight away when I find the tin has emptied. I hope others who enjoy it agree. And if you haven't tried it, well, what are you waiting for!

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      Jesla -
      I promoted this to the Articles section….

      Thank you, Sir.
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      Longbottom Leaf -
      I am a new guy and I had no clue what to call him.... Hmmmmmmmmm...................

      Peter - not a fan of that style of tobacco - but a great review!

      (sorry was going to write more but had a 45' conversation with a new client. blew my train of thought!)
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      HCraven -
      Great review, Chiz! This blend might be ubiquitous, but it seems it is often overlooked with so many other Virginia flakes on the market. Nice to finally hear about it. Virginia with a touch of Burley; sounds like the companion blend to the Golden Extra I got recently, which is Burley with a touch of Virginia. I may have to add some to my next order.