• My First Bowl of Punchbowle

    My new interest in English blends has just been shifted into a higher gear with a very kind and generous gift (from our own Peter Piper) of a goodly portion of Punchbowle. Ya gotta love it when the mailman brings you something from Nottingham.

    This is very different stuff from the Penzance I tried last week. Punchbowle is just Va and latakia, I believe, without any other orientals. So right away my palate got a lesson in differentiating the two. And while Penzance is a pretty subtle blend, Punchbowle seemed to me to be quite straightforward. And delicious. The Virginias are pretty stout for my Anglo-newbie tastebuds, but quite lovely, and the latakia is just above condimental dosage- a real player but NOT overwhelming in the least. I smoked this in a meer, but next time I'm going to try an old Charatan briar that I've decided to devote to English smokes.

    I really like this stuff. It may be a tad strong for me, but those votes aren't all in yet. It was a nippy morning here in Nashville and that snap in the air went so well with this blend. The best way I can describe it is: if Penzance is a fez and smoking jacket, Punchbowle is tweeds and a walking stick. Not as exotic, but massively British. So cool.

    Many thanks, Chiz, for the opportunity to try this venerable tobacco. This is quite the journey of discovery you and Bill have put me on. And based on your review on TR of Presbyterian (as well as one bowl of it years ago) I've just gotten a tin of that to try. Onward.
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