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    Brooklin Bill

    What's in your pipe? June 2018

    Thanks for the chat. You set my mind straight on how to start things up.

    Currently loading a Blatter Zulu with some scraps of FVF from

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    Brooklin Bill

    Found some old clay pipes...

    there were / are some very intricate clay pipes around. I still remember the time I broke my father's clay.

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    Simon G

    What's in your pipe? June 2018

    Yes, well done Dave! I'm feeling rather jealous now. Lol.
    I think Anthony has one similar. A comoys made 'wally frank' as I recall.

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    Simon G

    E. Wilke 1954

    Unrequited love, perhaps? I think 'patsey' was already married. The pipe, a parting gift amongst the tears & heartache.

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    What's in your pipe? June 2018

    The strange thing about that podcast is it is labeled twice as being from June 5th, 2018 and yet he starts by saying it’s Father’s Day. I have never listened

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