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Thread: Kaywoodie Regent #69 (Pic Heavy!)

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    That's a great looking Regent, Kaitlyn! Congrats!

    Seeing pipes like this makes me with that I could love Kaywoodies more. Great shapes, good quality, but the stingers kill them for me. I can deal with the 4-hole stingers, but I find the 3-hole variants too restrictive. Like Wes, I can't bring myself to clip them. So, I just pass the pipes along instead, but I have a couple of 3-holers that were "pre-clipped" in the rotation. There's an old, push tenon, export KW in a to-do box waiting for some work. I wish they had done more of those for stateside sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaitlyn3837 View Post
    It's funny you should ask because I sort of fell into them! I had purchased a lot of pipes to clean up and sell and a Kaywoodie Regent was one of them. The stem was SO oxidized but I got to sanding on it, and sanding on it, and sanding on it. Finally I called one of my friends who is also a pipe refurbisher and asked him if he had ever seen a stem so oxidized that it had orange/red streaks. Then I texted him a picture. He said, "That's not oxidation, that's a cumberland stem!" Then he explained what that meant and I became hooked on cumberland stems! To my knowledge, the Kaywoodie Regent line is the only Kaywoodie line that features the cumberland. I just found them so interesting, especially since they were only made 1963-1972. So now I'm trying to collect all of the shapes! I also do not remove the stingers. I prefer to find them with the stinger still in tact but beggers can't be choosers when they are on this sort of hunt!
    Thanks for sharing that, Kaitlyn ( I had missed your reply until just now). Great story!

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    Great piece of work Kaitlyn.

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