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Thread: Worst Tobaccos you ever smoked?

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    As someone mentioned it earlier, I must add Celtic Talisman to my "Worst of" list.
    The casing had a strong chemical taste and was thus very unpleasant.
    Too bad as it smelled really good.
    And G & H's Black Irish Twist. The Dark-Fired Kentucky aroma and taste were just too strong. Tasted just like charcoal...
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    Worst Tobaccos you ever smoked?

    Paladin Black Cherry. You know, because "burnt cardboard and Robotussin" are a great combination.

    ...on second thought that sounds like a great name for a rap song.

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    Many sweetened black cavendish blends.

    Boswell's Pennsylvania Dutch Treat was the worst and made me feel a little nauseous.
    The new Half & Half was really terrible. Chemical tasting, sour, no tobacco flavor whatsoever. Really had me scratching my head that any reviewers could even say it tastes like burley.
    Lane's Dark Red. I just can't stand pure black cavendish stuff it's all very vile to me. Like Macbaren's Black Ambrosia and any blends like it.

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