I recently received a small trove of various ephemera and amongst it all was a 1977 catalog for Peterson's tobbaconist of New York --- I was very surprised to see the MicMac plug adorned in the oldschool regalia and it sort of blew my mind as I would have never guessed that they used those older style labels for such a long time.

All the more reason to never make empirical declarations regarding pipe & baccy lore unless one is absolutely and definitively certain on the topic at hand, for example, some stuff is nearly impossible or at least damn difficult to precisely date, like this particular McQuaid plug, or more notoriously the older Perth-made Rattray's which used the same design and artwork for years and years and years, without a tax stamp, such can only be placed in a roundly rough time period.

Neat stuff and news to me.

Here's a better pic of the wrapper:

And at the factory: