God bless both houses of Gawith!

I'm so glad that the mighty houses of Gawith are continuing the grand UK tradition of these hard tobaccos.

If it wasn't for them, we would be lost.

Sure, there is an American tradition of twists too, with brands like Shoe Peg, Hornet, Wild Duck, King B, Mammoth Cave, and perhaps most famously amongst pipesmokers, Cotton Boll Twist:


But that history is for someone else to do as I tend to concentrate on the UK stuff.

I'm also very glad to see the tradition continued by Motzek/TAK in Germany, as well as in Argentina which I wouldn't know if it weren't for Crawford (Scottishgaucho) telling us about it.

As for the historic UK stuff, it is made by both Gawith houses in the same manner it has been made for a long time. The late 19th century saw advances being made on the industrial front and a "spinning machine" made things much easier, but still somewhat labor-intensive and definitely hands on.

This 1892 illustration shows twist being made at the Cope Brother factory in Liverpool:

A bit later,
an actual photograph:

Another factory photo,
this is Robert Sinclair of Newcastle:

Samuel Gawith of old:

And modern: