Tasting 2011 St. Bruno vs 2015 St. Bruno vs 2015 St. Bruno mixed with SG Lakeland Dark

Freshly opened St.Bruno pouches:
Both pouches were stored in big jars unopened, each jar contained other St Bruno pouches from the same respective year. Before jarring them in 2011 and 2015, I didn't take them out of the plastic foil that was sealed around the actual pouches.
Once opened today (10 September 2017), the 2011 and 2015 versions looked and felt identical: same colour range from a brighter red-brown to an almost black dark brown. Same humidity, same cut, finely rubbed flakes of the same thickness, both with a few pieces of not completely rubbed out flake.

Smell in the pouch:
Both 2011 and 2015 seem to have the same fruity/floral topping, and in the same strength. The 2011 had an added smokiness in the pouch note that was lacking in the 2015 (Thus far my earlier impressions were confirmed). I sniffed at various jars containing G&H blends such as Dark Flake UNSCENTED or Kendal Dark, and none came as close to the missing smoky element as S&G Lakeland Dark. The tin of Lakeland Dark was also opened today and jarred immediately.

I filled two Falcon bowls of the same shape, the Dublin (cylindrical shape despite the name) and filled one with the 2011 version of St. Bruno. The other bowl got a ca.50/50 mix of 2015 St Bruno and Lakeland Dark. When I lit the latter bowl, the Lakeland Dark seemed to overpower the St Bruno. Then, for a while, I repeatedly lit both bowls to try and keep them lit simultaneously, but that didn't work for more than a minute or two at a time. The taste I got from both bowls eventually seemed identical, whether smoked while keeping them lit simultaneously, or while smoking them one after the other.

For a third pipe, I filled a James Upshall apple with the 2015 version of St Bruno. I expected a marked difference in taste, a lack of the dark fired components that I had previously, in the earlier discussions here on PSU, felt was lacking in the 2015 version compared to the 2011 one. But against my prejudices, and to my disappointment (as I was apparently proved wrong), the 2015 on its own now seems very close or identical to both the 2011 and the 2015/LD mix, even though the third pipe isn't the same time or size as the other two.
So after smoking half to three quarters of a bowl each, of the 2011 straight, the 2015 straight and the 2015 mixed 50/50 with LD, I notice so little difference that I'm not confident that I could tell them apart in a blind tasting. The straight 2015 might have a touch more of the topping coming through in the smoke, but I wouldn't bet on it now.

I will have to repeat the comparison on another day, and inside the house, as the breeze blowing into the shed might also affect the outcome. I might also have to smoke one bowl at at time to get a better separate impression of each variety on its own. But if the result is repeated, I would not have to worry about the newer St Bruno version, and would not have to bother mixing it with the Lakeland Dark. Then again, I look forward to using the LD in other mixes.

Best wishes