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Thread: One man's trash is still trash sometimes...

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    One man's trash is still trash sometimes...

    Last weekend, the wife and I decided to get out of town for the weekend. We went to a little town up in northeastern Arizona called Pinetop. It's up in the mountains, more of a place to go and relax and if you are of the means, retire and relax. There are several "antique" stores in town that the wife likes to go and look around for things that will sit on the shelf, collect dust, and get moved around until they finally find a permanent spot.

    We found an old chair almost identical to one that her grandmother had found in the barn on the farm they bought in Kansas back in the 40's. Her's was an old chair then, and her grandmother had it re-cained and it now sits next to the antique table in the living room. The wife was happy in the fact that the chair we found was almost identical. We paid $39.00 for it and as far as I was concerned, it was a really great deal. I was on the lookout for any old pipes or tobacco paraphernalia and came across a few things...This is where it get to the Trash part...

    Went into one store and they had some ashtrays and a couple of newer empty tins (newer because they had stickers instead of the silkscreen printed lids) and one pipe. This pipe was NOT in good condition. The stem has been broken off in the shank, and the rim was cracked. You could see where someone had at one time tried to repair it (looked like superglue) but it had aged and the glue had pulled away. Looking at the brand, it was nothing special but it did have a case with it. The store owner had a price on it of $129.00 FIRM! I asked her what was so special about the pipe that even with the stem broken and the bowl cracked, it was worth $129.00?

    "Well, it has a case with it, that means it was a very expensive pipe in it's day." (having been in Turkey, I bought a cheap $7.00 Meerschaum pipe for my dad that had a case with it...the case was probably the biggest cost of the pipe)

    Blink Blink...And was there anything else that made it worth what you are asking for it?

    "I think it was owned by someone important up here in Pinetop...I got it at a garage sale several years ago."

    Is there any provenance to show that it was owned by someone important?

    "No, but the person I bought it from said that they got it from someone who was a bigshot in the cattle industry up here."

    Ahh, okay, well thank you for letting me look at it. The "I got it from someone who got it from someone..." thing is not provenance but for some reason people seem to think it is..."Well, I've known old Bill for years and he would never lie to me"...And the thing that gets me is that this lady is trying to sell something on the second or third hand word of a person who's sole interest was to sell that item and make money. If that was the case, I could be a millionaire! "HEY! Buy This Rock! It was Made by God!!! Says so right in the Good Book!" (Not meaning to be disrespectful, but that is the attitude of some people sadly.)

    At another store they had a pipe stand / glass jar with about 7 pipes for $65. I looked these specimens over...People should be shot for the abuse they put pipes through. Of the 7, one was a burn out, one a cob that had no stem, two were so badly treated that they would have been more costly to repair, the other 3 were semi-decent (using that term relatively) but were not worth $10 a piece of you figure the stand might have been worth $30 maybe. I asked the lady there if she would come down on the price.

    She said no, that she had to make a profit and if she came down on the price of everything she would make no money at all...Okay, I can see her point. But I can also see that if you are trying to sell Crap don't expect people to want to pay a pretty penny for said crap. I tried to explain to her that 4 of the pipes were either unrepairable, or were in such bad shape that to repair them would be almost as much as the cost of all the stuff...Still no budging on the price. I told her thank you and the wife and I finished looking around and left.

    I bet if I go back up there next year, those items will still be in both stores...

    But I did find a really great metal detector in the army surplus store. The company that makes it is based in Arizona. Going to contact them to see if they can give it a look over to make sure all is up to snuff...So it wasn't a complete waste...And it was Really nice to sit outside in the evening and smoke a bowl and relax in the pine trees. Guess that's why people go there to retire.
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    Sounds like this particular shop isn't going to have a hard time maintaining inventory...

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    Ain't it sad? That's why I don't waste my time and gas looking for pipes in antique stores around here.

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    True Dave and I'll add the wager that Sonny was likely the first person in months to offer a purchase for those items at either store. Bet also that the inventory stocking costs on all of those were .............$0-
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    I've seen similar over the top pricing of junk in the one 'antique' shop we have in our town....the place is run by a couple of dodgy looking characters who would look more at home selling knocked off stuff down some back alley. The prices are so ridiculous I pop in now and again just to get a laugh. I've come to the conclusion they price their stock according to the highest prices similar items are sold for on Ebay while completely failing to compare condition/date/make.
    They've had one of the less desirable Primus stoves with half its parts missing on sale for about eight years now. You'd be lucky to give it away for free in the UK but they want 30 for it.


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