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Thread: What's in your pipe? November 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by coalsmoke View Post
    Good Evening, Gentlemen! John, I'm glad to hear that your wife is healing after her surgery. The picture of those implant screws makes my spine hurt just to look at them. In the workshop for a nightcap bowl of McC #22 in the Stanwell "29" smooth billiard.
    Aye Russ, they got my attention in a hurry!! Thanks Mate, get Ye a ration o the Capt's Rum!!
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    Smoking Perfect Plug in a P. Jeppesen Ida the topTop

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    Quote Originally Posted by PyrateMate View Post
    Aye Lads, just sittin down to me last pipe o the month... 'twill be the last o the tin o Mr Samuel Gawith's 1792 Flake in me Irish Seconds Rhodesian... Soon as the resources are restored will go aplunderin this lot again...

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    On an off topic subject.. Me wench went in fer back surgery on Tuesday to have more rods and screws installed... These 'ad to be removed first...

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    I used the pipe tool fer reference... She is home recovering now and on the road recovery!!
    I may very well have been the one to prepare those screws for her (it’s a long shot, but who knows?) I work in the spinal surgery trade.

    I wish her a speedy recovery! the topTop

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    Artisans Blend from Ashton in my old Jarl mini stack to finish the day. the topTop

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    Hello from Greece, the sun is warming us with 19°C here in Athens.

    Goût de Myrtille Doux.
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    Well fellas it's 8.30pm Friday night here in Australia and the rain has arrived, thankfully no where near as much as was predicted. It's macbarens Virginia No1 in a falcon coolway with a green tea. Isn't it funny how the colder weather has a bloke reaching for stouter tobaccos and black coffee, yet the warmer weather has the same fella reaching for lighter teas and tobaccos. As far as the tea goes I reckon lady grey would have been just as good a pick as the green tea and although macbarens Virginia No1 is a great pick so would have been almost any golden Virginia.
    Have a great day fellas. the topTop

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