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Thread: Stems and tools!

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    Stems and tools!

    I was asked to show some of the pipe accessories from my Grandfather's collection.

    There are some unique pieces in there, with some of the small reamers being patent pending or APP. The pipe cleaning system was very interesting yet looks simple to use. I just grabbed a couple bags of the pipe stems my Grandfather had. There is an entire filing box filled with bags of stems. I also have a filing box filled with Dill's pipe cleaners. The tool under the pipe cleaning system is actually a patent pending cigarette maker.


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    Holy crap! Did your Grandfather rob a Pipe Factory! Nice Selection of stuff...You could almost open a museum with some of the items you have!
    Take care and check six!


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    Man oh man Chris that is definitely the motherlode.

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    Nice haul, that reminds me that I need a good reamer!


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