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Thread: Stonehaven a Step to Penzance!

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    Stonehaven a Step to Penzance!

    Blasphemy to follow.

    So I started smoking Stonehaven for the first time about 2 weeks ago. At first I was intrigued by the flavouring of the toppings and the tobacco. It certainly was a unique taste ....I thought originally. However as I struggled with the correct amount of drying the tobacco to get a full uninterrupted smoke I sensed a similarity. Finally I let it dry for quite some time and I detected a similarity. So I experimented further. I dried the Stonehaven bone dry and added some McClellands mixing Perique. I crumbled it up somewhat as it was too dry to rub at this stage.

    Voila ....heressy. The taste of this mixture suggests to me that Stonehaven is a step in the process that seems to me to be a root of the recipe for Penzance.

    I sit straight faced with this revelation.
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    That is truly fascinating. I've heard that Tilbury is a less stoved/pressed version of Stonehaven, but I dunno if I agree since I'm luke on the latter and smitten with the former. But Penzance? Well it sure makes sense given that Esoterica likely has some favorite processing and blending techniques that might lead to some similarities to the analytical palate.

    Pretty cool observation there, Bill!!
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    Hmmmmm... I️ donít taste even the slightest similarities between the two. Isnít Penzance just Margate in krumble Kake?

    Never heard that about Tilbury but sure they both start out as VaBurís. But from there they go very different directions.

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    I don't get this - no Orientals or Latakia in Stonehaven?
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