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Thread: Nicotine Hit

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    To all the excellent tobacco recommendations already given, allow me to add Mac Baren's HH Bold Kentucky.
    Heady stuff and it'll give you the proverbial nicotine knee in the, er... tobacco jar.
    Do not accidently inhale when you're about two thirds down and then rise quickly.
    I did and had to grab the edge of my desk, or I'd been on the floor.

    In tabaco veritas et fumo ergo sum
    (Masperius the Elder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizhunter View Post
    Thanks guys, i also think though might be wrong, that roll ups will be masking the true flavours of the pipe tobacco, if so thats another reason to stop. You guys have given me plenty of choices to try and will give them all a go.

    Hi Wiz. I think you hit the nail on the head.when I was a young sailor lad I was in catering and because the smokes were so cheap decided to give them a try. The chef,a Scot named Dickie Day told me if I wanted to work in his galley no smokes at any time because you couldn't really get the proper taste of anything you made.I have been reading some of Fred Hanna's essays he was writing that nicotine is a vitamin that stops the progression of Alzheimers and Parkinson's and the best way to get the nicotine from the pipe.Here's to your stopping the cigs Good Luck.

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