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Thread: I made my pipe smoke hot, bitter, wet, and crummy.

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    I made my pipe smoke hot, bitter, wet, and crummy.

    I got the bright idea that I'd try one of my Savinellis WITHOUT the filter I make and use.

    I "thought" that replacing the cut down Medico that is my usual practice with the provided plastic "adapter" that comes with the pipe...MIGHT.... make a wonderful terrific smoother drawing pipe.
    And it doesn't need it as it smokes GREAT with the filter.


    My "theory" is that the plastic insert lets smoke leak around the tube and goo up and well, generally tar up the little space around it and then bring the bubbly, squishy, hot, wet fiery smoke right past it and make things awful.

    So....back to my sissy filters and the usual smooooooth smoke that I know and love.

    All I had to do to correct it was to take that insert OUT and put the filter back.

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    My theory is pirates shouldn't be sissies. No offence shipmate!
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    I think Pyrite is Fool's Gold isn't it? (No intent) I am very used to smoking Medicos w/o the filtre but I only smoke milder blends in them.
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    I made my pipe smoke hot, bitter, wet, and crummy.

    Do whatever it takes to enjoy the pipe (as long as you donít hurt other people and/or animals in the process.)

    I personally smoke all my filtered pipes without a filter and without that stupid adapter thing. I actually like the open draw and it kind of works like a reverse calabash.
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    Whatever you need to do to get a nice, dry, slow, cool smoke is totallly fine. There's no wrong way to smoke if that's the result, so don't take any advice given as a criticism. Nonetheless, I'd like to think that at least part of the reason we participate in forums is to continue to learn and become better pipe smokers, so keep an open mind.

    The Savinelli adapter is a flawed work-around for smokers who don't want to use filters. It's nothing more than a piece of black plastic tube cut to length to fit into the tenon in place of the filter. It has blunt edges and often some flash in the airway at the cut edges, both of which cause turbulence in the airway and precipitate moisture from the smoke, causing gurgles and other unpleasant reasults. It also, as you have observed, acts as a tar trap for the same reason making it an absolute JOY to clean up, assuming you can wrest it from the tenon once the sticky goo starts to harden. I don't think much smoke gets around the outside of it, though some moisture obviously seeps in there. Turbulence is what makes various filters work as well, but the difference is that they have someplace for the moisture and tar to go, and are designed to be thrown away. The adapter only makes all that nastiness get stuck somewhere in the way of your enjoyment, and forces you to deal with it directly afterward.

    The adapter effectively reduces the 6mm bore tenon down to about 3mm, which more closely matches the bore at the draft hole and button. Because of that, the air velocity as it travels through the pipe is going to increase when compared to an unchoked or filtered bore, resulting in hotter burning tobacco, as if it were being stoked by a bellows. There are a lot of filterless pipes that are drilled at around 3mm all the way through. Some people do send their pipes off to be bored out for that reason, but if you can learn to control the heat by sipping on the pipe more gently, you'll find that there are a lot more pipes out there that you can enjoy, perhaps more than you do even now with your current technique.

    Enjoy your pipes, and keep learning. Good luck and happy puffing.

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    Great explanation, Herb! I ditched the filter adapters on my Savs as well. The increase in the tenon size allows me to control the smoke and gives me a smoother, open draw for for sipping.

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    I don't have any filtered Savinelli pipes, but I have to ask this question, Are you keeping the pipe clean?


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