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Thread: FDA announcement released today

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    Quote Originally Posted by coalsmoke View Post
    we will remain an easy target as long as the pipe and cigar tobacco industry doesn't publicly fight back.
    I've been a CRA member since day one and we are fighting back very hard with friends on both sides of the aisle and I am confident we (premium hand rolled cigars) will get an exception! The problem for traditional pipe tobacco is that probably 99% of "pipe tobacco" sold is relabeled RYO cigarette tobacco and we will not be getting any regulatory love and big tobacco will make sure of that. I have a feeling the next thing will be that we will be getting taxed like traditional cigarettes soon so stock up if you've been around long enough to know what you like!
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    pirateship.gif PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS!!!

    Time to open up the channels me mates specialize in... If we add it to the cocaine runs them Columbian's be makin we should be able to supply the rest o the free world wit little effort... If the gubament can nae stop the drugs from comin in we should be able to get our product in too... fullsizeoutput_8ab.jpg
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