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Thread: Grousemoor

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    thank you for taking the decision for me which tin of the recent haul to open next. So Grousemoor it was, likely to be the next one anyway, but this thread sealed it.

    As I said elsewhere, I smoked a bowl of this several years ago when I was meeting the group of pipe smokers in Cologne. But I had no clear memory except the flavouring certainly seemed fainter to me than it now does from this freshly opened tin.

    I think the tin has spent some time on the shelf, as the price didn't reflect the latest price rise we have seen across the tobacco range. Tobacco prices in Germany are centrally fixed for each tobacco and packaging size, and they go up quite regularly each year. Currently its 13.60 euros for a 50g of Grousemoor, and the tin I bought still had 12.85 euros on it. Shops are allowed to sell old stock tobaccos for the price that was originally stamped on it. Though I don't think the seal was broken, the tobacco in my tin is by far not as wet as some of you have experienced. I put most of the content into a jar and just several bowls' worth for immediate consumption into an old flake tin. So from that flake tin I have just helped myself.

    Leaving aside my granny and her knickers, I do think Grousemoor wouldn't look out of place among the Gawith & Hoggath aromatics, but its more to the fruity end of the spectrum, a bit like Kendal No 7 Broken Flake. It won't be a daily smoke, let alone an all day smoke, but I appreciate that this is another variety of British-made tobacco bought in Germany that so far I have only found in the UK. I'll keep smoking it in a Falcon, as I'm doing now, and keep it well away from my other pipes.

    Best wishes

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    Thanks for the review Billy....never thought granny's knickers would ever get a mention on a pipe tobacco review.

    Despite the pouch version being available here at reasonable price I have to say it's not one I've ever been desperate to try. Just the look of it kind of put me off and after reading this review I'm not so sure my mind has changed.

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    Ever try the plug? It's no secret I like my plugs and way back when I bought this.

    After sitting in the bag for over a decade I decided to open it and as you can see, it's jet black.

    The thing is, I don't care much for it. I gifted away some and have most of it left, re-aging in a jar now, haha.

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